22 Febrero

I’ve never had a UTI… ok so, yeah I don’t know where this blog is going, but this part would be named “open diary” and I realize now, I’ve been sick for a month. I’ve heard that you find out you have a urinary tract infection when you see drops of blood in your urine (pretty graphic) but I didn’t have that symptom. So, I hope this gets to people two if you go throught similar symptoms, such as:


-I felt really tired every other day.

-I begun waking up at night feeling my legs really heavy.

-I went to the nutriologist and she told me that I was retaining water, days before I found out I have a UTI, she asked me to do some blood and urine analysis.

-Horrible lower back pain.


But no blood! Now I know that, that’s like the worst stage of the infection (I never had that symptom).


I only found out I had a UTI after the analysis and I’m on antibiotics now (If you wonder, Ciproflox and Macmiror Nifuratel, do not mess up with your birth control pill, or so the doctor said). I feel I’m not ok yet, so I hope to post after it to say “yaaay I feel like myself now!” but until then, I hope this helps if you have my symptoms and have no idea what it could be.


Ps1. Yes, I’ll write more interesting stuff, soon… eventually.

Ps2. Was this too personal for my second post?





I’m not sure yet what the name for the blog should be. I don’t know if I’ll keep writing in English or in Spanish. I don’t know many things and I wonder if I should know them by now, since I’ll be thirty in August. For what it’s worth I have an idea for what I’d like to write about and it is basically about my life and how I plan to make it great (at least better of what it is now). Don’t get me wrong, everything’s fine… is just that I want more than fine. I want to follow all the thoughts that I have, all the ideas, all the plans. I want to find my passion and follow it through, I want to heal, I want to show and teach. But, while I get there… I’m here. Almost thirty, not flirty and not thriving… (ok, I’m a flirt so that really doesn’t count, but in my defense – like the song from Echosmith “Moon and Neptune got it right – on my rising sign).

One thing you should know: my south node is in Virgo so really, I’m here just for the experience, you can expect perfection somewhere else.



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